Teamwork Within (Family)

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As individual members of our family, are our thoughts, deeds, and actions consensus driven constructive goals?

Yes, each words in this “consensus driven constructive goals” are significant!  Let me explain…

Before we actually delve into understanding the significance of each words, let me tell you, this…

As individual member of our family, we may be great in academics, great in businesses, great in whatever we do – doesn’t matter.  Ultimately if we are not going to have the below-mentioned culture, as a FAMILY, success would just be an illusion. 

  1. Common Goal.
  2. Consensus.
  3. Constructive Contributions.
  4. Driving Force.

Individual achievements will lack significance of “Family Element” and transitioning this proud legacy to future generations would be at the mercy of luck.

Our own children will lack “Family Experience” and may suffer!

In fact, look at all those great families in this world who run family businesses…

Like a garland woven around a central thread, their families are intact built around cultured value threads…isn’t it?

When a family member becomes older, experienced family member takes over to continue the relay aligning seamlessly with the earlier family members… This process continues on and on forming dynasties.

We don’t need to separately describe about what happens when just the opposite happens.  All the nuclear families that we see around us are standing examples to this pathetic state of society.

Let us take the above enumerations one by one and find out their inherent significance.

1. Common Goal:  The start of a “family” begins when a boy and girl gets married.  After marriage, they become a man and woman:)

Their vibrant life is occupied by many wonderful dreams.

Later, children are born.  Subsequently, procuring them occupies most of the parent’s life.  Yesteryear children grow and become another boy or girl.  They enter the same cycle as their parents did.

What we are as a “society” is just a routine of the above.

In between, wealth may come and go.  Great people had become portraits not to be remembered even by their grandchildren.

All the individual achievements of the past…  Where had it gone?  So pity, isn’t it?

How many families in and around us have a “legacy”?

Dear boys and girls, let the dreams be there – no problem.

But, have some serious insights beyond too…

As a man and woman, have a discussion and have a common goal!  A common goal is like a “common seal” of a registered business entity.  It has its own significance.

Goals can easily be formed.  But in order to move towards those goals, “respect” is inevitable.  Respect is the twine that bonds them together.

Lack of respect between spouses is the source of all kinds of problems in families.

VALUE each other – else goals will become stars in the sky!

It is this VALUE that is going to be the “thread” factor inculcated by our children too.

Children will know the VALUE of their parents only if parents value each other.  They grow by hearing and seeing their parents.

It is very important to have a “code of conduct” between parents as lifetime partners!

With this VALUE as a thread, all dreams can be an achievable dream.  Slowly when children grow and start contributing, the thread can become a beautiful garland!

All 3 following elements can only have a robust “thrive” only with this first element.

2. Consensus:  The “central” principle of consensus is “discussion.”  Please note, it is “discussion” and not “argument.”

Please click the link here, which would provide some insight on the pros and cons of “argument.”

Discussions educate children to be excellent “decision makers.”  Fighting families aid the growth of “confused children.”

Discussions also contribute a fabulous ground to practice “intellectual flow.”  In a family structure, father, mother and children have the opportunity to contribute ideas or inputs irrespective of the quality of each one’s inputs.

Such flow of family group discussions aid children to participate freely without any “right or wrong blocks.”

Many children, even when they grow old, are unable to express or communicate themselves – only because of this lack of “Family Experience” as a practicing ground.

3.  Constructive Contributions:  Leave aside the word “contribution” as all action will become “contribution” naturally, provided that their “quality” is “constructive.”

“Constructiveness” is utilizing the element of “time” in a responsible manner.

If one had utilized his or her time in a responsible manner, even if nothing culminates out of that, the world will respect that person for the simple reason that “responsibility” is attached with his actions.

Say for example, if a man is jobless and simply spends his time drinking or spending his time irresponsibly roaming with his friends, etc.  His actions never would receive any empathy, right?

On the vice versa, a person is doing all that he can within his fold, but nothing really translates out of his actions.  Even then, people will have respect for him!

Hence, how responsibly one spends his or her “time” matters when we decide whether an action is constructive or not.

In today’s digital world, people spend most of their time on the internet.  One has a choice of spending such “internet time” either for learning new things, clearing their doubts, analyzing things, etc.  These are called constructive spent of “time.”

Though intangible, they are going to be “learnt assets” and would help at some point in time.

As an integral part of the family, this is “constructive contribution” from the part of each individual family member.  This is “team work!”

Any “time” spent other than those described above can either make the children (boy or girl) stay put or degrade!

As a “family” this is one significant element that can impact the “health of the family” on the long run!!!

4. Driving Force:  When all the above 3 gears are in place and function in tandem, the “Family Drive” become a marvelous travel experience!

Driving force is an aggregate effect of individual conscious involvement as a family – The Team.

Dear boys and girls, let us try to become a better society so that when you become parents, you can witness a calm and wonderful human society.

This would help us to have a cultured legacy to live a life of joy and value!!!


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