Life Loops

Our birth is a single loop that consists of millions of loops within.

Whether we like it or not, we will finally complete the loop of this birth – an inevitable mandate of life!

One end of the loop is birth and the other end, no doubt, is death!  Neither can we control nor there is an option for us on both ends of this “life” loop.

In between, million of loops come and go.  We initiate some loops and some loops are thrust or bestowed upon us!

Loops between our birth and death keep us engaged and busy!

Looking into the past we might recognize that, we have initiated many loops.  Some are fully completed and many are still hanging.

How many of us know that we shall for sure complete the loop that we have initiated?  And if we closely evaluate those uncompleted loops, most of the time, we are hit with the fact that we have initiated such loops with no intention at all.

Therefore, it is no wonder that we have little intention to close that loop too!!

Then, why did we initiate such loops of which we have no intention to follow through?

Most of the time, we started loops unconsciously!  That is the truth!!

It is like keeping words.  If someone makes a promise, we like them to keep their promises.  Similar are loops; once started, it is obligatory to close that, isn’t it?

Let us resolve at least from now on,

  1.  Not to initiate any loop unconsciously.
  2.  We shall bear the consequences of those loops that we have initiated unconsciously and left hanging.

This is the utmost responsibility that we can assign to our birth!

Closing loops initiated consciously is the greatest achievement in our life!!


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