Ingredients of a Successful Venture

People are gifted with varieties of efficiencies.  Efficiencies can either be “natural or acquired.”
In that, natural efficiency is a gift from nature!
Here, we are only discussing about those natural efficiencies.
One might have the same kind of efficiency as like another person or one can have a completely different kind of efficiency.
It is that one either have to find out what exactly his domain efficiency is or one have to find someone else who can dig out his natural efficiency that is bestowed upon him.
For example, one would have a natural gift in providing “ideas” but will not be able to travel the whole “logic” in order to implement his ideas.
A “TEAM” is nothing but a combination of, in this example, the idea provider and the logic implementor to work in sync in such manner that the total outcome is a synergized excellence!
Getting back to the example, suppose the idea provider says to a website designer – the logic implementor, “Hi, let this real estate website have 2 types of content classifications; one if checked should be published, and if not checked should be saved as draft like we have as the default option built in WordPress website builder.”
Now, it is the work of the programmer, the logic implementor, to write the “logic” of the said “idea.”
An “idea” might be backed by “umpteen” reasons.  If an idea is not backed by “reasons,” then such ventures might become failures.
When an idea is backed by reasons and such reasons are subjected to healthy “debates” with people who have “authoritative” knowledge on that subject, then such ideas are prone to have greater “success” rates.
Not only debates, but such debated outcomes have to have a good team to implement as stated in the example, like the one who have a good logic – the programmer, and many other gifted talents as a team.
Successful ventures always would have all these 3 fundamental elements within; namely,
  • Idea
  • Decision arrived after an elaborate 360-degree debate
  • A team of implementors.

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