Concept of SPEED

Here, we are going to discuss about “speed” – not the verb form, but the noun form.

At this point, I just remember how mothers feed their children.  It is very difficult to feed a child, particularly after 1 years old or so.  By then, the child has built a mind of its own.

Maybe, the child’s mind is absorbing all sorts of things around it, like a thirsty person getting some water on a parched desert!

Previously, the child would cry if she / he is hungry!

As mind develops often times the child ignores the signal of hunger, out of its “curiosity of things” around the baby.

Moreover, the fundamental responses of the baby too is corrupted.  This is because, in the name of love, we all load the child with readily available market products like chocolates, packed and tinned items.

The basic instinct of hunger is compromised in its infancy itself.

Now while feeding the child, because of reasons as stated above and many other varied reasons, the child is little bothered to ingest the nourishment as like a plant or tree would.

Except humans other beings are totally focused when it comes to nourishing oneself – no compromise!

Therefore, It becomes the responsibility of the mother to make sure that the child is properly fed…

The mother REALLY tries, using all her wits and fancies to make the child eat.  The mother would sometimes call in moon, birds, siblings of the child or even her papa to create a mock rivalry, just to make the child eat as quickly as possible.

We all might have noticed, if we give something to infants, they wouldn’t swallow instantly as we adults normally do.  They usually chew for long time, at times saliva dribbling.  As we all know, there is a great science behind chewing, right?

Such is the Nature’s programming of our system when we were born – omniscient nature!

By fast forwarding the whole process of chewing, we are actually harming the WHOLE process of LIFE in its entirety – both in the present and in future.  We have to understand those ill effects of speeding up the process of eating!

Every process has its own optimal way of conducting itself in terms of growth!  Particularly, all Natural Processes are perfectly designed with little error in terms of “evolving oneself!”

Growing is a “Change!”  If we push infants and children to speed up eating, studying, earning, etc., etc., we are actually pushing them out of life itself !!!

A tree grows on its own phase.  SPEED is a concept to be understood as a “noun.”  It shall not be used in its verb form, because any action done in speed loses its quality by default.

Perfection in speed is difficult !

Speed can efficiently create ACCIDENTS !

Of course, exceptions are there, but let us consider ourselves as common examples.

Right from childhood, we have wasted lot of time and energy in conducting lot of things quickly and hastily.  History has proved that we gained little out of this hectic nature of life!

If we consciously assess the time and energy lost in terms of physical and psychological consequences of this speedy life, we can gain insightful wisdom on the loses that had outweighed the gains at the end of our life.

From now on let us resolve to feed the child in its own pace !

For – We are suffering as a society because of the SPEED in action; and let us determine to evolve our kids to live their optimal nature’s design to their fullest dimension !

Let the future society be devoid of any man-made stresses – particularly in this double-edged digital world, which can turn out either to be a boon or a bane!!!


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