Be Like a Flower

The minute we think of a flower, we become so beautiful, tender, and soft inside us!

What makes us relate ourselves to flowers?  Is it a flower’s overall beauty, softness or fragrance?

In essence, there are lots and lots of qualities that attract us to flowers.

Let us see some of the attributes of a beautiful flower.

Courtesy – Pixabay

Fundamentally a flower just kindles a sense of gross tenderness within us.  Often times, it makes us wonder the craftsmanship of the creator.

Being so soft, it automatically makes the handlers of the flower too soft.

  1.  First, it softens his or her mind.
  2.  Second, the flower instills a sort of gentleness while the handler handles the flower.

However, people can be soft within but their hands could be rough.  Sometimes there are people with soft handling palms, but with tough hearts too.

Flowers make a person soft, both within and outside of him or her.

By making us tender, it retains its softness.

At the same time, a flower is strong enough to even transform a hard-hearted person to a delicate person, instilling a sense of “fine” balance within – maybe a kind of subtle peace…

The aura of a flower in its full blossom attracts a whole world of “life” in any form it comes in contact with – a form of surrender…

Find its fragrance…, and we almost for a moment become delirious, swept away to some unknown world of solace, wishing never to step down from this pleasant world of utmost harmony, isn’t it?…

By being soft, colorful, and fragrant, the flower tries to elicit the same qualities out of us too!

Isn’t it a wonderful way of existence?

Hence, let us be flowers within and outside of us!!!

Now that we have some sense of one dimension of flowers, let us have a glimpse into yet another paradigm of flowers.

All of us generally know that flowers contain seeds.  But have we ever tried to comprehend the significance of a flower beyond the fact that it is just a receptacle of seed?

Nature has remarkable ways of communicating information.  A flower communicates such profound information to us.

Flowers reflect significant stages of “life” itself!  Before flowering, it used to be a bud, structurally a less prominent one.

One fine day, the bud blossomed to a flower showcasing its prominence to another level – colorful, fragrant depending on each species, soft and delicate!

There are flowers that live for a day or two.  Similarly, there are flowers that can be fresh for multiple days too.  There are flowers that wither off in some time; and there are flowers that evolve to fruits too…

If we compare flowers with human beings, we would get to know that such varieties appear in humans too.

There are humans who wither off young and there are humans who live to see generations too, as fruits.

Like different kinds of flowers, there are different types of human beings too.  But, flowering is one common phase that we both undergo at some point in our lifetime!

Even in human beings, flowering happen.  Most of the time, it goes unnoticed.

A newborn, infant, child, teen, adult, middle-aged, old are all different phases, which we all have to invariably pass through, no matter what.

But we all have a budding stage which ends as a child and a flowering stage, which starts as a teen!

This stage is crucial!!!

The society has to handle these human flowers as preciously as we handle the dearest thing in our life!

Human flowers at this phase are soft, delicate, and tender like any real flowers.  Actually, they are fragile and need the societies’ best efforts to handle them with utmost care.

Also, they are colorful and fragrant depending on each kids like those varieties of colorful and fragrant flowers.

Flowers of different types are going to hold varieties of seeds such as shrubs, herbs, trees (small or giant), or fruits of different kinds.

This flowering phase never come in one’s lifetime again!

Hence, as a society, let us handle these flowers as gentle as possible and help them evolve.  For this, we have to be as soft and tender as these flowers…., as colorful and fragrant as possible while handling our beloved flowers…!

Not seeds, but “flowers” are truly the mother of creation!!!.

Handling flowers with love and care leads to “THE” best evolved society.

Therefore, let us be flowers!


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