Already Dawn and Late..; Come on, Let’s Wake Up…

“Mom…” Thea was loud enough to be heard by her mother-in-law.

“Yeah, what?” yelled back Susan.

“David needs a macro and I am stuck…, can you please come here? need help…,” replied Thea.

“Just a sec.., I’ll be there in a minute,” told Susan and Thea got relaxed…

David is Thea’s son and he always does his homework at the last minute…

Please don’t get confused – This is the kind of conversation which we would hear in every household, not too far for now. We may all witness such unimaginable things happening around us in our own lifespan…

Yes, the digital world has dawned since quite some time. We are still sleeping!

For example, while cooking, we clear our doubts from our dear and near ones, right?

Likewise, programming is going to be an ordinary household affair, probably in each and every home in the world.

While we may retain our own mother tongues, the world will have one common language – The Language of Programming for sure.

We cannot afford to ignore this language, as almost each one of us are going to communicate solely with this language.

We are going to learn programming skills right from KG standards,

….see people lending normal programming solutions casually in busy pavements (an innovative idea or suggestion for entrepreneurs…somebody can try it out…),

….talking programming dialects and sub dialects, reading, writing – name it…, we all gonna see this.

“Programming” is going to be all pervasive!!

Hence, let us wake up and prepare ourselves for the future world of programming…

If we don’t want to be left out branded as “oldies, generation gap, etc…,” let us adapt!!!


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