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As there is a whole world of “Internet of Things” (IoT), there is a whole world of “Psychology of Things” (PoT)!

PoT is a kind of backend!

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Like there is a backend for every interface, humans too have this backend, which we call as psychology.

There is little that we have attempted to understand this backend though the work done on psychology by learned people seems to be so exhaustive!  We cannot certainly undermine that!!

Backend efficiency is normally assessed by its front end look, feel, and actions.  Microsoft Office is one such application with such a superb backend; hence a globally accepted interface.  “Apple” is another great example too!

As humans, do we have that kind of robust backend (psychology)?  Please read “Teamwork within (Family)” post under Write-Ups, which would describe how to build such robust backend for “family” as an entity.

The developer of any program would be very clear about his code, isn’t it?  Are we clear about the “Code of Psychology” that runs the physical part of humans, as knowledgeable as the developers?

Similarly, like any tools used by developers do we have enough “TOOLS” to understand, tweak, repair, or build new codes into our psychology ?  Doubtful, right?

That is why I feel lot of work has to be done on the “Psychology of Things” (PoT), which is really ruling the actual “World of Things”

Via this website, I wish to share my perspectives on “Psychology of Things” – a wonderful science and study!

Furthermore, sharing of thoughts, ideas, concepts, and experiences can be of value to the needy.

Access to first-hand experience may help gain less painful experiential wisdom.  Such insights can facilitate “decision making” in our personal, professional, family, or friends during difficult times.

The whole sharing might have some grammatical inconsistencies!  I kindly request you to have the magnanimity to ignore such language errors and take only the benevolent spirit out of it.

Sometimes, a topic may be expanded later and I shall keep you posted on the same.

For any queries, you can always mail me to prabhuvn.com@gmail.com  I shall do my best to reply all genuine questions if any.

Thank you.